Cedar Rapids Party Bus Rates


The prices for the rentals are based on the needs and wants for each customer. Give us a call today and get a quote from one of our agents who will help you choose the perfect party bus for your occasion. We don't have a general list of rates on the site because there are many details that go into the final cost to try to ballpark the figure. We want to make sure you are getting what you need. When you have all the details for your occasion, give us a nd call and we can give you the best quote.

So what exactly may affect the rates? We have sizes of our party buses ranging from 18 passengers to 40 passengers, so that's a factor. The day of the week is important. The rates on Sundays through Thursdays are general lower than on popular weekend days like Fridays and Saturdays. Also, the time of the day is a factor whether it's in the daytime or nighttime. And the length in miles to come pick your group up, go to each destination, and drop your party off at the end of the night is a factor because it cost money for gas and general wear and tear of the vehicle. These are just the big general variables that go into the cost of the rental. Please give us a call to speak about booking a party bus in more detail.

Before you call us, please know what time of event you are having, the length of the rental in hours, where you want to travel, and when the occasion is planned for.

Party Bus Cedar Rapids Rentals:

With Party Bus Cedar Rapids, we will make your time a night to remember with our totally decked out vehicles with a booming sound system, revolving lighting, wet bars, and beautiful flat screen TVs, among other services. Our party buses keep the fun going all night long as we go to and from each destination.

We delight ourselves in keeping your party in safe hands during your rental, so just unwind and have fun with all your friends while you are with Party Bus Cedar Rapids as we make your night legendary.

Let us know the following information when calling for a quote:
Where are you going?
When do you need service?
How many passengers?